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In these hectic times, you might just be popping into the city for a day and won't be lurking about in

the evening when Dorian clambers out of the basement to perform his ghostly tours.


The Deathly By Daylight Tour is a 50-60 minute daytime (gross) walking tour of some of the most picturesque areas of York.


You'll visit The Minster, The Shambles, Clifford's Tower and learn of the brilliantly bizarre history in a friendly and informal way. This tour is more conversational than the public tour, and is more about the grossly grim history of the city. You won't get the usual ghost stories as they don't work as well in the daytime - but you will have Dorian's full attention for the hour. It's a little shorter as well, as people visiting the city for just a day have a lot to fit in!


As a bonus, Dorian will bring a Polaroid camera along with him and snap a couple of shots of your group at some of the more picturesque locations.

Tour includes

- 50/60 minute walking tour exploring the grim and gross history

- Polaroid photos taken at key points on the tour

- A whole Dorian to yourselves for the hour

- Recommendations for food, drink etc... from someone who loves to do both in York

To enquire about booking The Deathly By Daylight Tour - contact Dorian via the online form, or give him a call.



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