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Meet Dorian on ON THE INTERNET! Explore York from the safety of your own home. 

Due to the current situation, the public walking tours are not running until early December (fingers crossed) so in place of them we will offering online tours of the haunted city of York every Friday and Saturday night, in addition to our FREE TO WATCH shows which stream every Sunday night. Follow us on Facebook for the latest.




Every Friday and Saturday at 8pm, live on Facebook. Tickets cost £5 and the tour lasts around 70-80 minutes.

The virtual tours may not run forever, but they will certainly be running for the foreseeable future. To join one, simply like the Facebook page and keep an eye open for the events. Some will be outside, some from a dusty old fireplace, some from deep inside one of York's more haunted buildings.

Dorian can even host private virtual tours, where you tell him where to wander! Do we go left? Right? Through there? Under that? Please don't make him walk into the River Ouse.

Get in touch if you fancy a personal, private virtual tour.


A completely private tour for you and your friends, streamed via Zoom. Contact us for more info.