The tour starts from Grape Lane at 8pm sharp. For more information on how to find us, check the FIND DORIAN page in the links at the top of the page or click here.

For a more detailed explanation of the public tours, click here.


The public tour route, but entirely for your party! Meet Dorian on Grape line at 8pm before setting off together into the thumping heart of the city to explore the twisted and turning Snickleways, the cobbled Flesh Shambles, the towering churches and warped architecture of centuries past.

For a more detailed explanation of the private tours, click here.


Bespoke tours for parties can be arranged, focusing in on certain elements such as the plagues, Vikings, mysterious deaths and suspicious goings on or a good old fashioned ghost hunt can be arranged! You choose where we start and end, what time you are picked up and... basically whatever you want! These are a little more pricey, as you're getting a brand spanking new, one of a kind tour that was tailored just for you.

For a more detailed explanation of the bespoke tours, click here.


The online virtual tours are livestreamed into Facebook, and are free to join with a paypal tip jar running. Like the Facebook page to be notified of the latest events.

Dorian can even host private virtual tours, where you tell him where to wander! Do we go left? Right? Through there? Under that? Please don't make him walk into the River Ouse.

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In these weirdly weird times, you might just be popping into the city for a day and won't be lurking here in

the evening when Dorian clambers out of the basement to perform his ghostly tours.


The Deathly By Daylight Tour is a 50-60 minute daytime (gross) walking tour of some of the most picturesque areas of York. You'll visit The Minster, The Shambles, Clifford's Tower and learn of the brilliantly bizarre history in a friendly and informal way.

For a more detailed explanation of the online tours, click here.

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